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Blue Tuxedo

Custom Tuxedos

Memories last a lifetime, pictures even longer. If it’s your wedding make the effort - look amazing and your spouse will reward you forever. If your special event is a banquet or a premier, presenting yourself in a custom tuxedo will assure your presence is unforgettable. We design our tuxedos for the ebb and flow of a man’s body. Seams provide room for alterations as years roll by to protect your investment. Bespoke…because the world is your stage.

Custom Tuxedos start at $995 - $5000

Custom Tuxedo Shirts start at $250 - $600

Ready-made Tuxedos $150 - $700 plus alterations.
Group discount available for Wedding party Tuxedo’s and Suits.

3 Suits or 3 Tuxedos $400  *subject to availability from our supplier
(vests not included)
Single Suits or Tuxedos $150 and up