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Best Tailor in the World 2011 - Esquire Magazine

Our Master Tailor, Minas

Europe has produced many of the world’s finest tailors and Minas Zistatsis is no exception. His classic story from apprenticeship to mastery began in the Mediterranean village of Sopiki. In 1992 Minas migrated to the US, here he continued to refine his abilities and certifications. Brother’s Tailors Phoenix welcomed its first bespoke clients in 1994.

A consultation by Minas defines excellence; the recipient of multiple awards and accolades for distinguished artistry and customer satisfaction including Esquire Magazines - Best Tailor in the World 2011.

For Minas…“The art of creating is thrilling…to deliver a garment that’s as good as it can possibly be conveys the ultimate joy. To deliver this perfection one has to consider the entire person, listen to their preferences, note their personality, physicality and in partnership, design their image.”

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Minas at work

Minas creates garments that satisfy the client’s vision, “We don’t start the work until I know.”  This is achieved by trying on various styles, weights and fabrics. Slowly a curated image emerges, truly an exclusive experience.

Staying up to date with new trends and styles in men’s clothing means extensive traveling to some of the world’s premier men’s fashion events.  Minas regularly attends show’s in Las Vegas and NYC where he meets fashion and fabric designers from Europe and USA.  For those of you who appreciate this level of distinction, Brother’s brings world class tailoring to Phoenix.

Ranking AZ 2022 - Best Custom Tailor

”We build relationships that last a lifetime.” - Minas Zistatsis

Master Custom Tailor